The real fourth industrial revolution

What do steam, electricity and computers have in common? They all led their respective industrial revolutions,. The new drivers are data and connectivity which like oil, need to be refined to generate additional value in several industries. Some of the technologies that allow you to create value are listed below and digigral helps you select the most adequate for your business.  


Industry 4.0

Join the fourth industrial revolution, where data is the driver 

Artificial Intelligence

Simple use cases include image or text recognition which are already in use 


Classic process automation meets digital readiness 

Big Data

The power of Big Data has boosted new industries - let yours be one of them!


Protect your valuable information from damages 


Visualize all information in one place - for logistics, manufacturing or business

Digital Workflows

Turn your old SOPs into dynamic workflows 

Engineering Data Management

Have all your Engineering Data in one system that communicates seamlessly with all your interfaces 

Image and Text Recognition

Automatize several activities, such as information retrieval for online forms or damage identification in manufacturing 

Internet of Things (IoT)

Transfer data between devices without human interaction 

Machine Learning

Part of Artificial Intelligence, create models that offer better results every day 

Mobile devices and wearables

Use the right devices for your application, considering security and functionality 

Predictive Maintenance

Reduce maintenance costs over routine or time-based preventive maintenance,


Robots will not be a substitute for human labor, but rather a very valuable complement 

Smart Models

Used in several predictive applications in social, financial, economic and manufacturing

Virtual Reality

Enhance and augment the reality using devices, technologies and similar, reducing costs on the long run for training and planning