Digital Technologies

Use the latest technologies for your competitive advantage

Improve your productivity by implementing the right technology for your business needs 

Technology Examples

Industry 4.0

Join the fourth industrial revolution, where data is the driver


5G is the enabler of many new technologies

Artificial Intelligence

Simple use cases include image or text recognition which are already in use


Classic process automation meets digital readiness

Behavioral Data Analytics

Do you know credit worthiness is better predicted with your phone information than with bank checks? find out why and how

Big Data

The power of Big Data has boosted new industries - let yours be one of them!

Big Data for Finance

Use cases include Trading and Loan Approvals for people without credit history


Blockchain is more than just cryptocurrencies. Smart Contracts is only one case of many


Let bots do repetitive actions or add an automatic chat function


Protect your valuable information from damages


Visualize all information in one place - for logistics, manufacturing or business

Digital Market Intelligence

Find out about your market in seconds

Digital Marketplace

Sell your products via internet and have the world as your marketplace

Digital Payment Platforms

Turn a simple device into a holistic paying platform

Digital Product Development

Develop digital products for the whole world

Digital research platform

Save time and money by doing your research in silico

Digital Workflows

Turn your old SOPs into dynamic workflows

Engineering Data Management

Have all your Engineering Data in one system that communicates seamlessly with all your interfaces

Enterprise Data Lake

Store all your enterprise information and gain new insights by combining apparently unrelated data

Image and Text Recognition

Automatize several activities, such as information retrieval for online forms or damage identification in manufacturing

Internet of Things (IoT)

Transfer data between devices without human interaction

Machine Learning

Part of Artificial Intelligence, create models that offer better results every day

Mobile Application Development

Create easy mobile applications that provide a friendly and useful interface

Mobile Devices and Wearables

Use the right devices for your application, considering security and functionality


Click here and start typing. Illo inventore veritatis et quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta sunt explicabo nemo enim ipsam.

Predictive Maintenance

Reduce maintenance costs over routine or time-based preventive maintenance,

Remote Work

Integrate your team in the new normality, as if they were working in the same virtual room


Robots will not be a substitute for human labor, but rather a very valuable complement

Sales Force Support

Empower your sales force with digital tools for their daily job

Smart Models

Used in several predictive applications in social, financial, economic and industrial applications

Social Networks

We all know Facetime and Whatsapp. But have you ever heard about QQ or VK? You need to do that to have global reach.

Vertical Integration

Integrate two or more separate business entities to interact flawlessly, to improve your business processes

Virtual reality

Enhance and augment the reality using devices, technologies and similar, reducing costs on the long run for training and planning

Voice recognition

Not only Siri or Alexa can recognize voice, but making your own system is easier than you think

Weather Prediction

For dependent-weather activities, the forecast accuracy can have a huge impact